Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Unique Classroom

I started teaching film in 2001.  But before my "formal" teaching post, my mentor let me takeover his class for about two weeks because he had to shoot a documentary in Washington DC, USA.  I enjoyed the experience and promised myself that someday I will teach in a public university---to give back any knowledge my mentors gave me.  So, with so much idealism and hope, I taught for four years at a public university in Manila.  On my first foray at teaching, I had about 50 students per class (taught 3 classes that semester)!  The building was a bit old and dilapidated.  No aircon. No chairs.  The students had to sit on the floor to listen to my lecture. I had to "donate" an electric fan and DVD player to make my class enjoyable.  I also brought my own DVDs which were all original and were bought in different parts of the globe so my students can enjoy and learn about world cinema.  I am proud of my students in that batch/university because they have become my "colleagues" now.

After four years, I stopped teaching to concentrate on my film debut.  But the teaching bug has bitten me so when my alma mater invited me, I said yes right away.  All in all, I have taught in five schools!  Since I value education, I don't have the guts to turn down any teaching invite.  I am quite passionate in my "art" that is why I love to share my experiences to young people.

Right now, this is our classroom---so different from my 1st teaching experience.  My students sit on bean bags.  We have a big HDTV LCD television for film screenings with matching Dolby surround sound and a centralized winter cold aircon.  

They look so serious in the picture here.  Maybe because it is a writing class---they are doing an exercise to hone their writing skills.  But believe me, pictures can be deceiving because most of them are wacky and playful!  Their seriousness is only for a "show."  LOL.  I'm posting their pictures as a way to get back at them for coming to class late and not submitting their assignments on time :)

I love teaching and the level of difficulty for each student varies but what the heck, I am living my dream!

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