Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reminiscing Baguio

This is a long overdue entry...

For some quality bonding time with my parents, Baguio was a favorite family destination every since I was a child.
On this recent trip, I had to reminisce the good old days where my sisters and I go on a boat ride (P120) around Burnham Park, stroll around the market for goodies, vegetables and just enjoy the chilly weather of the Pine City.

I choose to pedal this Swan boat with my mom for 30 minutes. A great leg exercise! Funny though that a sari-sari store/boat roams around the waters selling junk food, softdrinks and balut!
One discovery on this trip is the buffet dinner at Hotel Elizabeth where they serve vegetarian dishes. Their food is so healthy and cheap! Although my dad was unhappy for he is a meat lover, my mom and I tried all the different dishes served on the table. Burp!

I always look forward to our yearly Baguio family trip and this time it was so different because all my siblings are abroad and I am the only one living in the Philippines...

Next blog: My European trip...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Be A Volunteer!

Today I spent my time and energy as a volunteer of Operation GK Walang Iwanan for Ondoy typhoon victims at the RFM Gym in Pioneer St. Mandaluyong. The relief operation was well-organized by the Gawad Kalinga and Go Negosyo groups. When we came in, they asked us to register our names and IDs were given to us. There was also a free popcorn for the volunteers!

A lot of work had to be done in the gym---repacking the rice, canned goods, noodles, bottled water, tying up the bags. There was really no time to sit back and relax. We literally were sweating buckets of pawis without realizing it. I was a bagger, a "repacker" and a kargadora all at the same time!

Sure, my back was aching and my muscles were hurting but serving the poor and thinking of the welfare of the victims were more important in this time of national crisis.

Volunteer and serve...that's the way to do it!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cleaning Up Ondoy's Wrath

Every Filipino is a victim of super typhoon, Ondoy. In my family home, this was the first time that water came inside our garden. I had to show this to my sisters abroad because since they migrated this year, this was one for the records for they stayed in this place for 30 years and never encountered anything like this.

In our condo, water came inside our unit. I was not there but the neighbor said it was knee high and the street was waist deep.

Power and water were cut off from all units. Since our unit was on the first floor, all my appliances were "swimming." My DVDs were floating. I had to say goodbye to my two computers. RIP Mac G5! :)
The greatest lesson is not to be attached with material wealth. I didn't feel any "loss" because the safety of my loved ones were more important. Good thing my family was not harmed or taken away from nature's wrath. Time to clean up...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crazy Videos featuring Momoy Palaboy

I want you to laugh so I put these crazy videos from the funny tandem of Momoy Palaboy. They are You Tube stars, now appearing in television. This is their "live " performance. Also, hear them sing their original new hit song, Who are you Momoy? Keep on smiling...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Delightful Food Trip @ "Kusina Salud"

One of my memorable childhood getaways was going to the resthouse of my best friend in Laguna.  Our agenda would always be weekend sleepovers, girlie talks and bonding moments with REAL friends!  My friend married a chef so the resthouse is now Kusina Salud.

It is a fusion of French-Filipino cuisine with the ingredients coming from San Pablo City.  The best time to go there is during Sundays where they have an eat-all you can buffet!  The ambience is so relaxing especially if you check out their antiques, exotic plants and aviary.  Also, walk around their wonderful garden and you'll learn to love Mother Earth!

They have a lot of delicious concoction from the talented Chef Pol Poblador.  I won't share the menu with you because you have to visit the place to see what I mean.  

My fave is their Pako (fern) salad!  Super thumbs up!


This is the location map.  Go and experience Kusina Salud!  It is better to call for reservations to serve you better :)

Cell: 0921-7726985
Laguna: 049-5736155

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Discovering "Sulyap" by Surprise

A rainy morning in Manila led me to go out of town in San Pablo, Laguna. I was to bring some old friends to my fave resto, Kusina Salud. After a sumptous buffet lunch (on my next blog), a childhood friend suggested we pass by Sulyap Cafe and Gallery (Brgy Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna). It is one of the newest attractions in the area.

We were surprised by this delighful discovery. The museum had loads of antiques and furnitures during the Spanish times. Name it, they have it! Vintage toy cars, electric fans, old wooden desks, long-lost photographs, etc.

Sulyap is like going back in time where our forefathers lived. It is a great escape from our busy and hectic life in the city. The place has a five-year rehabilitation plan, privately owned by a former wine merchant who wanted to preserve our cultural heritage.

After walking around the museum, a cafe stands nearby---the house is built in restored Filipino grandiose style! It's a good place for a romantic evening date.

You can contact Roy Empalmado, the prorietor at tel (049) 5629740 or email He is also a wine expert and has the best wines in his cellar!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Crocs on a Jeepney Top Ride/Top Load!

An example of a Philippine-made jeepney.

I have always been a "safe" person.  But this time, I had to try sitting on top of a jeepney after some persuasion from my friends.  This is called "Top Ride/Top Load!"  The experience is quite exciting!  You have to watch out for the branches/leaves that would sweep your face or hold on to dear life while passing over a curve street!  It's like a roller coaster ride without the seat belt or any safety gadget.  Hear the winds in the video :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy for Crocs Presents Momoy Palaboy


I seldom go to events as I prefer to socialize with old friends or my closely-knit family. In public gatherings, I normally just observe the events and jot down interesting people or ideas for my creative projects. I prefer to be low profile or just be invisible in the maddening crowd. I never register or put my name for raffle giveaways.

Since I love watching and making movies, I was curious to attend the "Crazy for Crocs" at the Hard Rock Cafe. The prodding of the organizers nailed it. Persistence has its advantages so I went to see it for myself.

Crocs is an innovative shoe trendsetter company. Almost every feet has one! Nowadays, since digital cameras are "in" and almost anyone can be a filmmaker, they put up an online video contest where challenges are set for the craziest video in town! For this week, the challenge is: You have to make your own funny interpretation of a song!

I guess the inspiration behind this is the Youtube sensation duo Momoy Palaboy who were in the house that night to perform their wackiest lip synching accompanied by their popular facial expressions and choreography! Everyone was beaming with laughter at their funny antics :)

My being an "invisible" person that night was put to a test. I was discovered and became a reluctant star of the night, LOL! How? The organizer listed my sister's name instead of my name. In short, I had to claim the raffle prize on stage!

I know my friends would be envious because I now have a new pair of Trailbreak! I can use this comfy shoes for my travels and shooting. Yes, I am crazy for Crocs. What a lucky reluctant STAR I am!


How do I join?
  • The contest is open to all Filipinos currently residing in the country, aged 18 and above.
  • Contestants may visit to register and to see the current weekly video challenge and the current monthly video challenge.
  • Contestants should fill out the online entry form and post the link of their video at to complete the challenge for a particular week or month.
  • Videos not related to the specified challenge and those containing lewd, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate content will not be approved as official entries.
  • All employees of Crocs, All Condition Gear, partner advertising and promotional agencies, the partner printing company and employees of participating Crocs concept stores including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity of affinity are disqualified from joining this consumer promo.

    How can I win?

  • Popular online voting at will be used to determine the weekly and monthly winners. Visitors will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address for verification prior to voting. Each visitor will be allowed to vote only once for each particular challenge. Each vote will be equal to 1 point for a particular entry.

    What are the prizes?

  • Winners of the weekly video challenges will take home one (1) brand new Canon PowerShot A470. Winners of the monthly video challenge will take home a cash prize of P100,000.

    How do I know if I won?

  • Weekly and monthly winners will also be posted on the website (
  • Winners will be notified through email, registered mail and through the phone.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sea Shots

I am in love with the sea. I can just stay there all day and night staring at the waters and feeling the breezy air...

While on a location shoot, took these photos during my free time and that's my feet under the waters of Punta Malabrigo, Batangas...

On my next visit, I plan to check on the corals and swim with the sea creatures :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Artists Have Spoken

Today, I supported the call to protest the undeserving names listed in the newest batch of our National Artists.  A wreath signifying the death of the National Artist Awards was laid down at the NCCA building located in Intramuros, Manila.

Growing up, I have read the lives of our National Artists.  They have made great sacrifices, undergone tremendous hardships and experienced roller-coaster rides in their artistic journeys.  I salute them for continuing their passion, no matter how unpopular their career path might be.  

The government's decision of  putting mediocre people and giving them blind honor is an insult to us Filipinos.
Noise barrage, black outfits and old friends came together to speak out...long live our deserving National Artists!  Mediocrity is a no-no!

"A gathering of artists and arts supporters to eulogize the death of a meaningful National Artist Awards."