Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy for Crocs Presents Momoy Palaboy


I seldom go to events as I prefer to socialize with old friends or my closely-knit family. In public gatherings, I normally just observe the events and jot down interesting people or ideas for my creative projects. I prefer to be low profile or just be invisible in the maddening crowd. I never register or put my name for raffle giveaways.

Since I love watching and making movies, I was curious to attend the "Crazy for Crocs" at the Hard Rock Cafe. The prodding of the organizers nailed it. Persistence has its advantages so I went to see it for myself.

Crocs is an innovative shoe trendsetter company. Almost every feet has one! Nowadays, since digital cameras are "in" and almost anyone can be a filmmaker, they put up an online video contest where challenges are set for the craziest video in town! For this week, the challenge is: You have to make your own funny interpretation of a song!

I guess the inspiration behind this is the Youtube sensation duo Momoy Palaboy who were in the house that night to perform their wackiest lip synching accompanied by their popular facial expressions and choreography! Everyone was beaming with laughter at their funny antics :)

My being an "invisible" person that night was put to a test. I was discovered and became a reluctant star of the night, LOL! How? The organizer listed my sister's name instead of my name. In short, I had to claim the raffle prize on stage!

I know my friends would be envious because I now have a new pair of Trailbreak! I can use this comfy shoes for my travels and shooting. Yes, I am crazy for Crocs. What a lucky reluctant STAR I am!


How do I join?
  • The contest is open to all Filipinos currently residing in the country, aged 18 and above.
  • Contestants may visit to register and to see the current weekly video challenge and the current monthly video challenge.
  • Contestants should fill out the online entry form and post the link of their video at to complete the challenge for a particular week or month.
  • Videos not related to the specified challenge and those containing lewd, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate content will not be approved as official entries.
  • All employees of Crocs, All Condition Gear, partner advertising and promotional agencies, the partner printing company and employees of participating Crocs concept stores including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity of affinity are disqualified from joining this consumer promo.

    How can I win?

  • Popular online voting at will be used to determine the weekly and monthly winners. Visitors will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address for verification prior to voting. Each visitor will be allowed to vote only once for each particular challenge. Each vote will be equal to 1 point for a particular entry.

    What are the prizes?

  • Winners of the weekly video challenges will take home one (1) brand new Canon PowerShot A470. Winners of the monthly video challenge will take home a cash prize of P100,000.

    How do I know if I won?

  • Weekly and monthly winners will also be posted on the website (
  • Winners will be notified through email, registered mail and through the phone.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sea Shots

I am in love with the sea. I can just stay there all day and night staring at the waters and feeling the breezy air...

While on a location shoot, took these photos during my free time and that's my feet under the waters of Punta Malabrigo, Batangas...

On my next visit, I plan to check on the corals and swim with the sea creatures :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Artists Have Spoken

Today, I supported the call to protest the undeserving names listed in the newest batch of our National Artists.  A wreath signifying the death of the National Artist Awards was laid down at the NCCA building located in Intramuros, Manila.

Growing up, I have read the lives of our National Artists.  They have made great sacrifices, undergone tremendous hardships and experienced roller-coaster rides in their artistic journeys.  I salute them for continuing their passion, no matter how unpopular their career path might be.  

The government's decision of  putting mediocre people and giving them blind honor is an insult to us Filipinos.
Noise barrage, black outfits and old friends came together to speak out...long live our deserving National Artists!  Mediocrity is a no-no!

"A gathering of artists and arts supporters to eulogize the death of a meaningful National Artist Awards."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You, Tita CORY!

The death of President Cory Aquino marked a big loss for Filipinos all over the world. She symbolized DEMOCRACY. She was instrumental in giving us freedom and hope.

The famous "L" sign---"Laban!" which means "Fight!" Almost all of my generation have made this "L" sign to overthrow dictatorship during rallies.

Cory is a Kulasa (we both studied our elementary at St. Scholastica's College). Growing up, we were exposed to rallies against the Marcos dictatorship. We would walk to the streets for peaceful protests. Tita Cory would visit our campus and campaign during the snap elections. We were all in our uniforms---innocent and hopeful.

In the Cory wall outside of the Manila Cathedral, I just wrote, "THANK YOU" because whatever freedom we have now as a people---it is all because of the willpower of Ninoy and Cory.

I saw this flowers from the Macapagal family and I don't think they are welcome by the Aquino family to attend the wake/funeral. The flowers were outside of the Manila Cathedral, put in some unforgettable place :)

This is inside the Manila Cathedral with Cory's coffin. I never shoot at wakes/funerals but this is a historical event that I want to capture. I am lucky because I got in the church in just 10 minutes! Some of my friends lined up for four hours just to give their respect.

Rest well, Tita Cory! Thank you for guiding our country to democracy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Unique Classroom

I started teaching film in 2001.  But before my "formal" teaching post, my mentor let me takeover his class for about two weeks because he had to shoot a documentary in Washington DC, USA.  I enjoyed the experience and promised myself that someday I will teach in a public university---to give back any knowledge my mentors gave me.  So, with so much idealism and hope, I taught for four years at a public university in Manila.  On my first foray at teaching, I had about 50 students per class (taught 3 classes that semester)!  The building was a bit old and dilapidated.  No aircon. No chairs.  The students had to sit on the floor to listen to my lecture. I had to "donate" an electric fan and DVD player to make my class enjoyable.  I also brought my own DVDs which were all original and were bought in different parts of the globe so my students can enjoy and learn about world cinema.  I am proud of my students in that batch/university because they have become my "colleagues" now.

After four years, I stopped teaching to concentrate on my film debut.  But the teaching bug has bitten me so when my alma mater invited me, I said yes right away.  All in all, I have taught in five schools!  Since I value education, I don't have the guts to turn down any teaching invite.  I am quite passionate in my "art" that is why I love to share my experiences to young people.

Right now, this is our classroom---so different from my 1st teaching experience.  My students sit on bean bags.  We have a big HDTV LCD television for film screenings with matching Dolby surround sound and a centralized winter cold aircon.  

They look so serious in the picture here.  Maybe because it is a writing class---they are doing an exercise to hone their writing skills.  But believe me, pictures can be deceiving because most of them are wacky and playful!  Their seriousness is only for a "show."  LOL.  I'm posting their pictures as a way to get back at them for coming to class late and not submitting their assignments on time :)

I love teaching and the level of difficulty for each student varies but what the heck, I am living my dream!