Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank You, Tita CORY!

The death of President Cory Aquino marked a big loss for Filipinos all over the world. She symbolized DEMOCRACY. She was instrumental in giving us freedom and hope.

The famous "L" sign---"Laban!" which means "Fight!" Almost all of my generation have made this "L" sign to overthrow dictatorship during rallies.

Cory is a Kulasa (we both studied our elementary at St. Scholastica's College). Growing up, we were exposed to rallies against the Marcos dictatorship. We would walk to the streets for peaceful protests. Tita Cory would visit our campus and campaign during the snap elections. We were all in our uniforms---innocent and hopeful.

In the Cory wall outside of the Manila Cathedral, I just wrote, "THANK YOU" because whatever freedom we have now as a people---it is all because of the willpower of Ninoy and Cory.

I saw this flowers from the Macapagal family and I don't think they are welcome by the Aquino family to attend the wake/funeral. The flowers were outside of the Manila Cathedral, put in some unforgettable place :)

This is inside the Manila Cathedral with Cory's coffin. I never shoot at wakes/funerals but this is a historical event that I want to capture. I am lucky because I got in the church in just 10 minutes! Some of my friends lined up for four hours just to give their respect.

Rest well, Tita Cory! Thank you for guiding our country to democracy.

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marblaze said...

very nice post indeed. (hope you don't mind if I use your laban image in my blog.) More power and God bless.