Monday, July 13, 2009

An Old Lighthouse @ Malabrigo

Parola ng Malabrigo

This beautiful lighthouse was built in 1891 during the Spanish era. Located at Lobo, Batangas, (3-4 hours from Manila) it used to guide the local people during their travels/fishing in the seas. Now, it is like an "abandoned" property with no security guards or Navy personnel to "man" the place. When we got here, there was not a single soul in the vicinity to sway us away so we had all the time and freedom to snap our camera in all directions :)

Old is beautiful! I really appreciate this architectural structure. So lucky to have passed by this lighthouse during an ocular visit for a movie shoot.


Lawstude said...

ganda. buti well-maintained pa rin yung parola. gusto ko rin pinupuntahan yung mga yan eh. greta post.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

What an interesting find! I'm surprised you said no one's even guarding it considering its status as "Pambansang Palatandaang Pangkasaysayan" - hope no one vandalizes the structure.

Twin said...

hey nomadic pinoy, a gay bold movie "vandalized" it na by shooting there (lalake sa parola) so after that incident, naging strict na yung community not to allow any shooting without approval from the barangay, etc.