Thursday, March 7, 2013

ST. PIO OF PIETRELCINA and the Filipino pilgrims

Trailer of "Into The Light"

My second European trip became possible because of "work."  We were to shoot a documentary about the relationship of St. Pio to the Filipino pilgrims.  I first "met" St Pio at Greenbelt Chapel, a high-end commercial mall surrounded by classy restaurants and expensive shops.  He was in front of the altar, bust-sized, wearing a brown clothing being a Capuchin.  I didn't take him seriously because he looked funny to me.  Why would I pray to a statue who doesn't look like a saint? I kept on laughing inside the chapel.  My friend who played St. Pio in a theatrical play explained that the beloved saint was a bi-locator.  He can be seen at many places at the same time.  He knows all your sins even if you haven't confessed it and he bore Jesus' stigmata.

One afternoon, I got a phone call asking if I'm available to shoot a documentary on St. Pio at his hometown in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.  I didn't have second thoughts.  I said 'YES!' right away.

Behind-the-scenes interview with the Hospital Director 
Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, a hospital built by St. Pio
A Filipino pilgrim is in deep prayer.
Ms. Boots Anson Roa is an acclaimed actress and devotee of St. Pio. She is the host of the documentary.
After making the documentary, I became to know St. Pio intimately and we are now best friends! Hahaha.  I do not make fun of him anymore. I am in awe with his generosity and service to humanity.  He always listens.  I count on him every time my life is being tested and he delivers.