Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catch THE MALE VOICE on May 31 @ RCBC

Last Saturday, it was a bonding moment with an old college friend. We ate dinner at CPK because I was longing for their BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad then we proceeded to RCBC to watch an original production of the New Voice Company--- THE MALE VOICE. I was going to "cultivate" her appreciation for the arts because she was clueless about these kind of plays. It was a different gimmick from our usual barkada getaways.

At the reception table, my friend who owns Kodak stores around the city pointed at the poster and said, "So this is the play we are going to watch? The posters are displayed in my stores and I didn't know who put them?!" Apparently a loyal customer from a TVC (television commercial) company requested her saleslady to post it. The customer is always right, in this case :)

We arrived a little bit late (which is a no-no for theatergoers) and good thing the minute we sat on our seats, the show began in 3o seconds. We were just right in the nick of time!

I am not a critic nor do I aspire to be one. I just go to the plays to support my friends who are passionate about their craft. Honestly, I am not a "fan" of the medium because everything for me is "long shot" although I appreciate the actor's vulnerability while he shows his "reality" to a live audience.

Anyway, four decent and capable actors are in The Male Voice: Tommy Abuel, Michael Williams, Joel Trinidad and Joaqui Valdes.

I have met them in different events although I will remain faceless to them. A distant relative introduced me to Joaqui during a Cinemalaya screening. I've talked with Mr. Abuel over some film projects. I've seen Michael in some Repertory plays and admired him in NVC's Into the Woods. Even before Joel became a popular theater actor, I was inside this room when he auditioned for a lead role in a film created by a master director. At that time, I knew he had a great potential but things didn't go as planned. I bet wonderful things came into his life much greater than any film role...

Watching TMV, the powerful presence of Mr. Abuel is enough to lure you to RCBC. His portrayal of a Muntinlupa convict in "Apat Ang Sulok ng Kalayaan ni Bobby (Freedom Has Four Corners)" is a rare masterpiece. Real acting = Tommy Abuel.

I truly enjoyed laughing at Williams' portrayal of a successful gay make-up artist in "Victor/ Victoria." His lines are so witty, it brought a lot of happy tears and loud chuckles in the audience.

Joaqui with his good looks tried to play a "star" macho dancer. He really looks "good" on the surface but acting-wise he made a much lingering and memorable performance in Into the Woods than TMV. He is still young and is "teachable" so we expect him to be a much better actor in the future.

Joel has mastered the "English language" medium in the theater. He has a certain "magic"---his "bald" appearance shows intensity that unconsciously, you follow him wherever he goes onstage.

BTW, this is an original production so go catch TMV and listen to the rants of the male species!


For 15 years, the New Voice Company managed to stage shows that are socially provocative and entertaining. TMV will have a limited run on May 31 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium (RCBC Theater) at 8 p.m. (Call 896-5497, or email

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