Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Other Workplace

Aside from being holed up in a classroom once a week, my other playground is an editing suite. After a tiring shoot, we all blissfully head up to a post production office to see how a simple idea comes to life in moving images. For days, we compile our shots into one cohesive story/presentation.

I have an editor who digitizes our tapes into computer files. Look at my watch, it past 9pm but we are still working to meet a deadline---on a weekend!

I also have my production assistant who has been with me since Day 1 of the shoot. He knows the "ins and outs" of the shot lists so he briefs the editor on where to get the good takes. He makes my job easier.

This is my "Mother Lily"---my producer. She is like the mother hen of all the production staff. She controls the whims, tantrums and moods of everyone. In short, she trouble shoots and is the designated savior of the production.

My job is to enjoy and have fun tinkering with actors, creatives, and the audience---"Direk" is often the name I hear when they call me :)

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Lawstude said...

wow. busy as a bee.