Saturday, May 16, 2009

Images I Saw in Davao

This is the controversial "David." Heard lots of stories about this image---some conservatives found it blasphemous---they tried putting some leaves to cover his manhood. I saw the real "David" when it went to a "tour" in a Toronto museum and found it a magnificent work of art! I love the contours of his body, perfect! David is my man! :)

On my second time to Jack's Ridge, I checked this figures again. There's something wonderful about using your bare hands to create art. I love seeing the lights at the ridge even though it came from the cemetery hehe.

We went to this shrine---Holy Infant of Prague. Prayed for more blessings...
Over at Marco Polo hotel, I shot this deer inside their bar. And there are lots of them! Tsk tsk hunters :( What's nice about the location of Marco Polo is my favorite shopping center---Aldevinco is just across! So before and after my event at Marco Polo, I was at Aldevinco three times in just one day LOL. The next day, we went back for last-minute shopping.
My Davao trip wouldn't be complete without eating durian! So after a busy day, my friends and I went to a street corner to ravish fresh durians (ate different varieties) with softdrinks as our chaser! The experience is really heavenly :)

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