Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to HK Disneyland!

My first trip to Disneyland was two years ago at Los Angeles and I was into my early 30s! I spent the whole day touring the place and checking the fun rides. It was a moment I would never forget for it brought a lasting "adult" experience in a kid-at-heart like me. I vowed to visit Hong Kong's version and it happened last month.

Guys playing the drums...

Our HK sojourn was a family trip. My sister and dad were more concerned with shopping at the Causeway Bay than seeing the sights so I forced my mom to come with me. It was a good decision though. We bonded together and we were both like 10-year-old little children enjoying our big playground.

We arrived at lunchtime so the first thing I did was to look for a map and the schedule of the shows so I can plan our iterinary. Our first stop: the Starliner Diner. Our stomachs were growling so bad that we had to pacify it by ordering Cheeseburger and Chicken Wings (HK$ 104).

After a delicious fatty meal, I had to look for my favorite ride---the Space Mountain! We were so lucky that there were no long lines! I have always looked forward in repeating this space blast experience since I enjoyed this thrilling ride in LA. Since I also wanted to check out some talents in the theater, I made sure to catch the show, "Festival of the Lion King." The show was entertaining and very commercial in nature.
We cruised over the river to visit "Tarzan's Treehouse." We learned about Tarzan's history and life in the jungle. We saw his things just like any esteemed hero erected in any museum. This is not an "exciting" adventure so you can pass it for some important magical tales.
A great discovery is "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh." I was clueless about this place. I just saw children and adults lining up so I also lined up. Boy oh boy, it was a "live" storybook experience! I totally enjoyed it. The ride is so simple yet magical! If you have a kid, make sure to visit Pooh here.
Exactly at 3:30 PM came "Disney on Parade." All Disney characters were showing their "acting skills" to the crowd! Below are Mickey and Friends, The Little Mermaid and the gang from Toy Story.

After the rides, I took a break, sat on a bench and ate a Mickey Head ice cream (HK$18). See my band aid? Got it when I was in the NAIA restroom on my way to HK. The lock is so old, got a deep cut when I closed the door :( Blood poured out of my finger and it was so ouchy!
Here is a video of the carousel during its test run. My mom and I didn't let this pass. We happily picked our own horses and rode the carousel!

At 7:30PM, all guests were on the Main Street to savor the evening's fireworks---the last magical presentation of the day! After the fireworks, we went to our respective bus coaches and went back to our hotel. I will never grow tired of visiting theme parks even when I'm 60! :)


Lawstude said...

i'll be in hk on april 22 to 25 and disneyland is in my itinerary. hope to cover much of the place in 4 days.

Lawstude said...


i hate space mountain....

.... but i wanna ride in it again.