Monday, December 15, 2008

Students of Notre Dame of Tacurong College

Every time I get to visit the different schools around the county, I make it a point to shoot and document the students because they are my audience. In far away Sultan Kudarat, I get to see this sign: Speak English Be Global inside the Notre Dame of Tacurong College. I guess this is the influence of the Americans, colonizing us to believe that their language is much superior than ours.

Since Sultan Kudarat's image is somewhat tarnished by bombings and numerous military checkpoints, I noticed that the students lack a certain glow that I normally see in most universities I visited in Metro Manila. Fear of violence? When I asked them if it was true that they are indeed bombings in their town, they said yes. They even gave the date of the latest bombing incident-- as a trivia. I asked if they know any victims. "Yes," was their curt reply. There was no feeling of loss or pain. I guess you become numb with abnormal situations if they become normal circumstances.

Here I asked them to pose...for peace and prosperity! Had a great time with these teens. They were very curious about my line of work and the best part, I also got to learn from them!

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