Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jolly Season at Senado Square

The Senado Square. I could just sit there and watch people all day .

It was Christmas time when I visited Macau for a little bonding with some family members. A sister is migrating soon to another country. We made it a point to travel together since this would be our last trip together. I have been to Hong Kong several times. This is my first time to visit Macau. I got to know the place because of the way it was marketed---the newest Las Vegas strip.
Last year, I had a great time in Las Vegas checking out the sights, entertainment, hotels and casinos. I even experienced a sandstorm along the Mojave desert! So when I learned that Macau is trying to be a copycat of Las Vegas, I had to go there and spot the difference.

My first stop is the Senado Square---Macau's urban center for centuries. It is a few blocks from my hotel, walking distance. The former Portuguese colony is so convenient for tourists. Walk around and voila, you can see all the nicest spots---St. Dominic Church, Ruins of St. Paul's, etc.

Most of the stores from clothes (Bossini, Giordano) to beauty products (Sasa, Watson's) are located there. Starbucks and McDonalds are also in the area.

St. Dominic's Church

Ruins of St. Paul's

But Macau is not just about casinos. They have a rich culture. Within your steps are beautiful churches like the St. Dominic's Church (yellow) built during the 1590's and the Ruins of St Paul's built in 1602. I made sure to visit these churches so I can whisper three wishes to heaven :)

One of my biggest discoveries while walking around the Senado Square is the Portuguese Egg Tart! The bread is like a croissant with a delicious flan inside! So yummy, I keep on munching these goodies for MOP 7.

I enjoyed Senado Square a lot. It is a mixture of business, culture and newfound discoveries. Shopping, restaurants and sights are all in one place!


magicpolaroid said...

thanx for sharing ur travel with us!!
buon anno, auguri!

Lawstude said...

i love people watching. i could just sit in a park or at a beach front with my camera and just snap away.

anyways, happy new year my friend and i really enjoyed and appreciated the returns and visits to each others' blogs in 2008. cheers for more in 2009!!!

the donG said...

wow! christmas in macau! sounds really fun. one of the many major tourist spots in east asia.