Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Local Visits 2008

I love travelling abroad for recreational and "educational" purposes. But I also make it a point to visit the local spots---ang ganda yata ng Pilipinas! (Philippines is so beautiful!)

Pagsanjan Falls. A high school friend based in Pasadena, California was in town so we brought her to "shooting the rapids." It was my first time to be in the area and I was amazed by the number of tourists visiting Laguna. There were buses loaded with Korean and Japanese nationalities enjoying the two-hour river trip. The boatmen were organized, respectful and friendly even to local tourists. The boat trip costs less than P1000 each.
I chanced upon this Angel (he's smiling in all angles) when a relative invited us to come to his resort, also in Laguna. But since I am not good with names, I forgot the resort name! I hope my family will not disown me for forgetting, haha. The place has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and comfortable airconditioned rooms that looks like hotel rooms. Good place for corporate workshops and team building seminars. Below is a plant called, birds of paradise which I love seeing because it reminds me of my trip with my childhood friends in Putol, Laguna.

Kusina Salud. The place is known for its Pinoy-French style cuisine made famous by Chef Pol Poblador and his wife, Nina Tesoro Poblador. Known for their authentic menu with a local flavor, I will show here the ambience of the place. The food photos are all over the net, so there is no need for me to emphasize its sumptuous specialities. They also have a Day Spa.

Their motto: Filipino food served in a Filipino home. I grew up visiting this place on weekends, sometimes sleeping over just to relax and commune with nature.

It is located at 285 Brgy Sta Cruz, Putol, San Pablo City, 83 km from Manila. You can take a Lucena bus, tell the driver to take you down at Kusina Salud (there's a big signage) then take a tricyle and you'll be delivered safely to this "not-so-secret" paradise. Cell: 0921-7726985, Laguna: 049-5736155,

Puerto Princesa. One of the cleanest cities in the world. The city government's anti-littering campaign is so successful that every local resident put into their hearts that garbage should only be put on the thrash bin and nothing else! You don't see candy wrappers or cigarette butts on the streets! There is a huge penalty for anyone who litters!

The island is preserved like a "virgin." No commercial establishments. All peace and quiet. Throw me at a beach and I'll be gone in a snap---snorkelling and swimming! I'm a Pisces. A tip: throw a piece of bread and different kinds of colorful fishes will swamp over you and gorge your "offering." We become friends instantly!

FYI, I used a Lomo Fisheye No. 2 for the Puerto Princesa trip. For Kusina Salud, just my old reliable N73 Nokia cellphone :)


jepayuki said...


Lawstude said...

galing ah. never been to pagsanjan. one of these days sana. have a safe trip always.

eye in the sky said...

saw those pagsanjan pics. its a great place to visit with some bit of adreenaline.

Twin said...

lawstude, try it! more like an action-suspense film when you're near the falls because you never know what's going to happen.

yeah eye, you were one of the firsts to "witness" my pics :)

Meg said...

I've never been to Pagsanjan... I want to shoot the rapids but I am scared... kakatakot ba?

Twin said...

Meg, masaya riding the boat. There are two guys literally carrying you for two hours on water. You have to be ready with a plastic bag when shooting coz your camera is going to be wet. The resort where we stayed provided us with ziplock bags for our cameras. Going to the rapids is like riding Space Mountain coz you never know what's going to happen! Suspense talaga! The falls are so powerful, Mother nature is in control and you just embrace their energy.
Be ready with a swimming gear, dapat waterproof suot mo.