Friday, October 17, 2008



When I visit Cubao X (Marikina Shoe Expo) near Gateway, most of the time I just stayed at Blacksoup because the owners are old friends. Our common denominator---we were all Mowelfund-trained filmmakers but was molded in different eras. Aside from their cafe serving delicious pasta and sandwiches, Blacksoup has a gallery for upcoming artists. They have an ongoing exhibit right now called, ABSENCE MAKES PRESENCE.

My friend, JJ, who has changed her name to Jazel Kristin is showing her cut-outs and collages artworks. When she jetsetted to Europe, the French artists said she was more "marketable" if she changed her name from JJ to Jazel. (Her boyfriend is a French TV commercial director, hence she is always out of the country visiting her beau, ergo, she can shoot all the awesome landscapes of Europe!) No, I'm not envious, hehe.

I met JJ at a directing workshop. We were classmates and we just clicked in an instant! We would comment on each other's exercise, give a pat on each other's back through good or bad times. Even if we do not see each other often, we make it a point to come to each other's "art" event. I was the first visitor at the exhibit, hoping that I would be the first to leave because I am never comfortable socializing with the so-called "artists," hehe.

Here she looks so haggard, haha, while I bumped into her accidentally at the restroom. She just came from a shoot, had to buy the pica pica food at a grocery store because the caterer backed out and the exhibit was opening in ten minutes!

Most photographs came from her trips to Spain, France, and the Philippines. A nice thing about JJ's este Jazel's artworks are the fusion of her imaginative cut-outs and her unique photos. She also used a lomo fish-eye camera to give a circular shape in some European sceneries. If you look closely at her work, one can see the old Quiapo Church or a sorbetero trolly (ice cream) taken from UP Diliman roaming the streets of Paris! (Sorry, no pictures here---you have to visit Blacksoup to see for yourself LOL).
Cua pao, siomai, empanada and chips welcomed the guests especially prepared by Chef JJ, LOL.

Do check out Cubao X to see all the other artsy, specialty and antique shops. Of course, the place is known for its exquisite and affordable Marikina shoes. The local shoe stores are still operational up to now! Very cheap thrills @ Cubao X!


peeweefalcon said...

i think id like to go see that quiapo church and sorbetero images plastered among the scenic views of europe...

Twin said...

peewee, try to visit Cubao X, you're going to like the different shops and galleries :)

Aileen Apolo said...

Wow! Ganda ng artwork! I'll try to look for this place when I find the time to visit Cubao.

Twin said...

Hey Aileen! Nice to see you here hehe...welcome to my blog :)

Willy said...

Kewl stuff! More power to the X!

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...


ganda ng concept..galery and a resto...gandang idea!