Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Film "Missionary"

I have been spreading the "gospel" of independent filmmaking all over the country. I guess it is just sheer passion on my part to do something proactive because I want to develop a new, critical audience willing to open their minds to new possibilities of storytelling techniques. My philosophy is to bring these films to the "needy." Literally, I bring these digital films and show this to a "makeshift" theater cum classroom.

I always say YES to school invites. Sometimes I even use my personal funds to fly to Cebu or Davao just to screen important indie films or to meet these young, idealistic students. I am a city girl all my life, without a province to boost so I long to see laid back, tranquil, nature-laden communities and interact with the people.

I enjoyed my visit to UP Mindanao because the school was surrounded by trees and carabaos! Imagine the carabaos were a window away listening to my lecture LOL :)

At Holy Angels University in Pampanga, we had a night screening---al fresco!

At the Holy Trinity College, Puerto Princesa, we had simultaneous screening in four different venues :) I was like a ping pong ball, huffing and puffing, going up and down the building rushing to my next talk. Kapagod. (Tiring).

In Bicol, all our screenings were full house. And the local food was fantastic!

In all the places I visited, one can see the yearning in the eyes of the students that they need these new kind of entertainment. They are hungry for more.

Reach out and good things will always come your way...that's a guarantee!

Here are some pics of our film screenings:

Bicol! See their happiness :0

Welcome to Puerto Princesa City! Still using colored chalk :)

Holy Trinity College students

Andy Bais, star of "Saan Nagtatago si Happiness?" with Davao Press

Calabarzon students at De La Salle Lipa, Batangas

The Manila Times School of Journalism, Intramuros

De La Salle University, Manila

Even had a screening at Tacoma, Washington USA for a

Filipino-American event but was there in spirit only :)

These are just some of the pics I got, did not have the time to document all the other schools/venues (and they were so many places)!


jepayuki said...

hi twin, if you consider yourself a film missionary, i wouldn't know now what to call you...but can either be Twin Sister or Sister Twin....hehe works both ways! proud of you for doing this mission. =)

Twin said...

jepayuki, never entered my mind to enter the convent...calling me "twin" will do.

eye in the sky said...

yeay! andoy is there! and the auspicious davao presscon.... lol

Twin said...

eye, sikat si andoy sa buong pilipinas! kilala sa iba't-ibang probinsya haha