Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cleaning Up Ondoy's Wrath

Every Filipino is a victim of super typhoon, Ondoy. In my family home, this was the first time that water came inside our garden. I had to show this to my sisters abroad because since they migrated this year, this was one for the records for they stayed in this place for 30 years and never encountered anything like this.

In our condo, water came inside our unit. I was not there but the neighbor said it was knee high and the street was waist deep.

Power and water were cut off from all units. Since our unit was on the first floor, all my appliances were "swimming." My DVDs were floating. I had to say goodbye to my two computers. RIP Mac G5! :)
The greatest lesson is not to be attached with material wealth. I didn't feel any "loss" because the safety of my loved ones were more important. Good thing my family was not harmed or taken away from nature's wrath. Time to clean up...


Lawstude said...

glad ur ok. let us pray that this calamity never happen again.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

At least you were safe, that's really what matters most. Hope Pepeng won't do a lot of damage.