Thursday, January 29, 2009

Terraces Going to Sagada

These are the sights that bewildered me on my way to the zig zag roads of Sagada. Our bus even stopped not to let a pedestrian pass but for a snake to cross the road! Talk about love for nature and respect for animal rights!
Living in the city all my life makes me want to be with nature in my retirement age (which is about three decades from now, hehe)---have a simple life, plant and toil the land. Twin would like to be a farmer someday :)


Nimia Gamo said...

You really take such beautiful pictures! And I envy you for having the time and money to go to different places here and abroad. Ako rin sana!

Twin said...

Thank you, Nimia. Take care of your health so you can travel na! Ingat :)