Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Discovering La Mesa Ecopark

La Mesa Ecopark is a new discovery for me. It is a surprise that it is located at Quezon City's East Fairview Subdivision! Yes, you enter a village :)

The La Mesa Watershed has 2000 hectares of forest and the watershed is the primary source of drinking water of 12 million city residents. The Ecopark is a good hideaway from the chaos of city life. Fresh, breezy air, tall trees, a lagoon where you can fish, clear blue skies greet every soul who walks on the park.

In this lagoon, I saw a man fishing using a bamboo pole (you can rent it for P20). Families can have picnics too. There is also a mountain bike trail for the adventurers. A big swimming pool (P80 adult entrance fee) awaits the guests. Other amenities include boating and butterfly trail.

To reach this level, lots of sweat and aching legs hounded us. But it is worth it! One can just sit all day and have a terrific time with nature! It is pure bliss.
From the lagoon, a stairway leads you to the dam. As you puff and huff your way with every step (quite steep), when you reach the top, you get to see the dam but there is a sign: NO CAMERA/VIDEO TAKING! But I still managed to click on my cellphone camera. May location hunting si Direk e.

Visit http://www.lamesaecopark.com/index.php for more information


the donG said...

been there once and was really eager to the slide for life. but sadly, we ended up late so we didnt have enough time to do those activities.

balik na lang ulit.

Twin said...

hi dong, been there twice but both times were work related so did not really "enjoy" the park...will try to go again but this time for recreational purposes...

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

madalas naming daanan yung kabilang side papunta sa sm fairview,isang bese palang din ako nakapunta dyan,madalas sa ipo dam kami magpunta para maligo.